One of the most unique, scenic, wilderness relay courses in the United States – relay race runners will trace the wild Rogue River through the Cascade Mountains to the wild Oregon coast over this 218 mile course.

The Wild Rogue Relay consists of 12 person or 6 person ultra teams that rotate through 36 transition areas. Each relay team member on a team of twelve runs 3 legs of varying lengths and difficulty and will cover an average total distance of 18-20 miles. Teams of 6, known as ultra teams, will run 6 legs of varying lengths, for a total of 35 to 40 miles. We may be the only relay that recognizes ultra team finishers with a version of the finisher’s shirt that says “Ultra” on the back. (For more on how the relay works, click here.)

The relay begins on the shorts of Applegate Lake just south of Jacksonville, Oregon. The course winds through the Applegate Valley, with a major exchange at the Red Lily Winery, and then heads to the Rogue River at Merlin. The route follows the river until the road runs out, and then climbs into the mountains before dropping back down again to Eden Valley and eventually back to the Rogue River. The race traces the Rogue to its mouth at Gold Beach, and then follows the spectacular coastline south to the finish in Brookings, Oregon. Every leg brings new photo opportunities and exciting running. Come and discover Oregon’s best kept secret – the Wild Rogue Relay. (For more on this spectacular course, you’ll want to check out this visual tour.)

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