Best Costume(s)

Entry: Photo at #6 (Red Lily) or photo tagged with #wildroguerelay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

First Prize: 30% off of team entry for 2018 or waiver of volunteer requirement for 2018

Runner up: 10% off of team entry for 2018

Costume judging will take place at Exchange #6 (Red Lily Winery). We will have volunteers assigned to take photos and pick their favorites for final voting. The photos will be shared on Facebook for group judging. If you miss your photo there, you will have the option of posting it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for us to collect later. Entire teams in costume will be given heavier weight as we consider finalists, so dream big and get creative!

Most Accurate Team Pace Prediction

It’s time to put your spreadsheet skills to the test. We will be giving 25% off to the team who most accurately predicts their total finish time (i.e. 28:31:42) this year. To compete, please email your estimated finish time (in hours:minutes:seconds) to syd @ no later than 6 am on the morning of this year’s race. So start crunching the numbers and see just how close you can get to your predicted pace!

Best Dance Video

Entry: Submit to WRR via YouTube, FB, Instagram, Vimeo. Please use the hashtag #wrr2017 or email us with a link to your video.

We’re switching things up a bit and making the video contest short and sweet. We know you have moves, and we want to see them. We’ll take your best team dance videos, choreographed or not and award our 2017 Dance Team Champions!

Prize: Waiver of volunteer requirement for 2018

Winner will be chosen by WRR staff.

Of course, we do give awards to those who run fast too! Here’s our breakdown:

Overall finishers:
First place – 50% off next year’s entry
Second place – 30% off next year’s entry
Third place – 15% off next year’s entry

Top open team – 30% off next year’s entry*
Top women’s team – 30% off next year’s entry*
Top master’s team – 30% off next year’s entry*
Top Crossfit team – 30% off next year’s entry*
Top ultra team – 30% off next year’s entry*

* Your team may only win one award, so if you are in first place and also place as the top open team, you will just receive the First Place award.

To compete for these top awards, your team must complete all 36 legs in standard procedure. (Teams that have their Van #2  leave Exchange #30 prior to the arrival of Van #1 will receive an official time, but they will not be eligible for awards.)