August 4, 2017
Registration opens to the first 85 teams.
Teams may pay to rent volunteers via check sent to The Wild Rogue Relay. Price is $120 per volunteer.

Please make your check out to “Sourwood Running” and send to:

Sourwood Running
2812 Old Stage Rd
Central Point, OR 97502

Please include your team name in the memo line.

November 15, 2017:
Last day to register using a down payment to secure your spot.

December 31, 2017:
Registration price increases.

February 1, 2018:
Final payments are due for teams who opted to make a down payment.

March 31, 2018:
Last day to pay for volunteers at the $120 per volunteer rate. Checks must be postmarked by March 31.

April 1, 2018:
Price to rent volunteers increases to $200 per volunteer. Teams who have not yet paid for volunteers will be asked to pay the higher fee. Any team who requests volunteers after March 31st, 2018 and who has not paid will be required to pay $200 per volunteer.

May 1, 2018:
Last day to request Rent A Volunteer option.
Last day to make changes to your team names.
Last day to enter team member shirt size information for guaranteed shirt sizes. (We will do our best to accommodate shirt size requests for team members added after May 1st. Most of the time we are able to give you the proper size.)
Last day to update runner pace estimates.

May 15, 2018:
Start times announced.

June 14, 2018:
Packet pickup.

June 15-16, 2018: