If you are flying here from out of state, the Rogue Valley International Airport is your closest option. Portland International (PDX) is about a five hour drive from the start line.

The start at Applegate Lake is approximately 45 minutes from Medford, where we have packet pickup. Please plan accordingly.



You will be able to rent passenger vans out of Medford. We recommend booking early for the best selection; there is an enough of an impact from our race to make finding vans locally a bit tricky.



Many teams opt to stay in Medford on Thursday night and drive out to the start in the morning. We also had 10 or so teams who opted to camp with us at Hart-Tish, where the race starts.

After the race, many teams spend the night in Brookings before driving home the next day. The drive back to Medford from Brookings is about 2 1/2 hours; the drive from Brookings to Portland is approximately 6 hours.

More on lodging can be found here.




The major exchanges are the exchange points where one van finishes running and the other van starts. Some exchanges are set up for teams to be able to rest, while others are a bit smaller and will act only as exchange points. The details for each exchange are listed below.

Exchange #6 – Red Lily Vineyards
Perhaps the prettiest major exchange of any relay anywhere, Red Lily Vineyards offers plenty of room for stretching out and relaxing. Dutch Brothers will be serving up complimentary drinks, there will be teriyaki chicken or veggies and rice for sale, massage therapists will be on hand to offer you free therapy, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase wine from Red Lily to take home.

Exchange #12 – Merlin Baptist Church
The grounds of the church offer plenty of space to stretch out and recover from your legs. Massage therapists from Providence will be on site to help you work out the kinks. We do not have any food options available at this exchange, so be sure to have plenty of provisions or take advantage of some of the spots listed in the food and provisions section.

Exchange #18 – Dutch Henry Rd (not a sleeping area)
This is an extremely tight exchange that will have Dutch Brothers available for you to enjoy! Beyond Dutch Brothers and porta-potties, this exchange has very limited services. Do not plan to rest at Exchange #18. Instructions are listed below and are provided in even further detail in the map section.

Van #2 Rest Area Prior to Starting at Exchange #18 (start of Leg #19)
The rest area for Exchange #18 is actually in Glendale at the high school on the alternate van route. Showers $5 and food will be available there. Each team will have a designated spot on the baseball field to throw out sleeping bags; it is important that you let a volunteer guide you to your spot as they will be the ones who will come and wake you when they receive word via ham radio that your Van #1 has arrived at Exchange 16. This will give you approximately two hours to pack up and drive to Exchange #18.

Exchange #24 – Agness Pass (limited sleeping area)
This is another tight exchange. If you pre-ordered a breakfast burrito, we are going to do our best to have them delivered & heating up by 4 am. There will be an ambulance parked here for assistance. There are a few porta-potties here, but other than that, services are very limited. There is a large gravel pit located just past the exchange that will be set up with a designated sleeping area. Instructions are listed below and are provided in even further detail in the map section.

Van #1 Rest Area Prior to Starting at Exchange #24 (start of Leg #25)
The exchange area at #24 is somewhat limited in size for sleeping, so we are asking teams to also please consider using the campgrounds located along Legs #22 and #23 for their rest area. The advantage to picking a spot early is that you get to sleep sooner! Use your pace predictor sheet to estimate when to arrive at Exchange #24 – there is no cell service out in this section of the course.  In addition to the campgrounds, there are many forest service roads that intersect with our course. You may drive down these roads and find wide spots to pull off and sleep. Please do not block any roads, and if you are sleeping outside of your van, please be sure that you are NOT sleeping in any roadways.

Exchange #30 – Gold Beach Harbor
The grounds at the Harbor in  Gold Beach offer plenty of space to stretch out and recover from your legs. There are restrooms, picnic tables and some grassy spots along the harbor. There will be an ambulance parked here for assistance. There is a boat launch closeby where you might be able to soak your legs.

Local Restaurants for Breakfast:
The Silver Hook Restaurant & Indian Creek Cafe are just up the river on the South Bank. The address is  94749 Jerry’s Flat Rd for Silver Hook and 94682 Jerry’s Flat Rd for Indian Creek. In town on the left if you are going south, Double D’s Cafe (29441 Ellensburg Ave) has a good breakfast. Also if you are lucky, Gold Beach Books, the bookstore in the middle of town, has amazing scones! Pretty limited but they also make espresso and other specialty drinks. The closest Dutch Bros is in Brookings in the middle of town on the right. If that location has a long line there is another on down the road in Harbor on the left in a shopping center.

Saturday night
Camping is free at Azalea Park at the finish line.

Showers / Places to Jump in the River

Leg 5 (Cantrall Buckley Park) – Very close to Red Lily Winery. Van #1 could return after their legs and enjoy the water before heading to Merlin.

Matson County Park (Grants Pass) – This park is located across the river from Leg #11. It offers nice river access for a quick dip in the water for Van #1. Tom will hook you up with a shower at Exchange 11;  make sure to also check out his train whistle!

Glendale School (Van #2 alternate route) – Showers will be available for $5.00. Bring a towel. You’ll also be able to sleep and eat at this location.

The ocean – Beginning at leg #32, you’ll have many spots that you can pull over and head down to the ocean to enjoy the brisk salty water. It’s not Mexico, but nothing refreshes quite like the Pacific Ocean in Oregon! The best locations for swimming are the Beaches in Gold Beach,  Meyers Beach near exchange 32 and Lone Ranch or Harris Park near exchange 35.

Showers will be available at the Finish line for $5.