Confirmed teams for 2017 (updated 10.19.2016):

*Ultra team.

O Fast, 12 Furious
And Then?
Ash Kickers*
Awesomesauce Wild Scenic Miletastic Runegades
Basket of Incorrigibles
Between a walk & a hard pace
Boogie Wondervan
Bookings or Bust
Buns Of Steel
Chafed and Chipper
Clown Punchers
Cool Ranch Runnings
Don’t Stop Beerlievin
Draggin Ass
Dudes and Boobs*
Eastwind Runners
The Eclectic Educators of North Bend
Emerald Running Club
Feels Like The First Time
Forced Rehab
Foxy Bucket Listers
Gone Rogue
Grumpy Dutchman
Heck Yeah
How The West Was Run
The Hurry in Curryx
Johnsons…too much is never enough
Keep Highland Running
Keep Highland Running Part Deux
Llama, llama runs like your mama
Meat Goats
No Sleep ‘Til Brookings
Northwest Billy Goats
Oh My Quad
Olympic Rejects
Oregon Community Credit Union
Pac Attack
Pace Picante: We’re Comin’ in Hot!
Pounding Assfault
Road Kale
Rock Solid
Rogue Endurance Warriors*
Rogue Ultra Warriors*
Run For Your Life
Runners Gone Wild
Runners Gone Wild, River Gone Rogue
Running On Empty
Running Our Hasselhoff
Running Wild
Salty Dogs
Slow Twitchers
Squeal Like a Pig
Steelhead Sirens
Team Buckstop Truckware
Team Mediocre
Team R.I.O.T
Team Sucio
Team Why Racing*
Texas Starfish
Thong Distance Runners
Those Dirty Dingos
Toenails are for sissies
Tom Benevolent Dictatorship
Toughest Snails
Ultra Chicks…We like it long*
Ultra Mistake*
Ultra Mus-dache*
Ultraviolet Legs*
Uncen SOREd
We Hope We Finish…Again
We Used to Be Cool Runners
Whiskey Business (Formerly How Far to the Bar Deux)
Why Am I Doing This?*


(Five team slots are being held for our sponsor teams.)