The 2016 race started under cloudy, wet skies…but this race typically is full of bright sunshine.

2017 Start Times

Pace Picante: We’re Comin’ in Hot! 5:00 AM
SpaRePartZ 5:00 AM
SORE~Superheroes 5:00 AM
Chafed & Chipper 5:00 AM
0 Fast 12 Furious 5:20 AM
Dog# 5:20 AM
Rogue Ultra Warriors 5:20 AM
Ultra Mistake 5:20 AM
No Sleep Till Brookings 5:35 AM
Bookings or Bust 5:35 AM
Draggin Ass 5:35 AM
Grumpy Dutchman 5:35 AM
Saur as Hell 5:35 AM
Run REST Repeat! 5:50 AM
Pac Attack 5:50 AM
Steelhead Sirens 5:50 AM
The Thundering Cascade Narwhals 5:50 AM
Dudes and Boobs 5:50 AM
Foxy Bucket Listers 5:50 AM
Smousehouse 5:50 AM
Slow Twitchers 5:50 AM
Clown Punchers 6:05 AM
Johnsons… too much is never enough 6:05 AM
Road Kale 6:05 AM
Gone Rogue 6:05 AM
Runners Gone Wild 6:05 AM
Oh My Quad 6:05 AM
Between a walk & a hard pace 6:05 AM
Forced Rehab 6:20 AM
Love All Serve All 6:20 AM
We Used To Be Cool Runners 6:20 AM
Whiskey Business 6:20 AM
Team Buckstop Truckware 6:35 AM
Buns Of Steel 6:35 AM
Absconders 6:35 AM
Run Forrest_Run 6:35 AM
HOTbeaVs 6:35 AM
Don’t Stop Beerlievin 6:35 AM
The Hurry in Curry 6:35 AM
Thong Distance Runners 6:55 AM
Those Dirty Dingos 6:55 AM
Team R.I.O.T. 6:55 AM
Wonders 6:55 AM
Keep Highland Running 6:55 AM
Keep Highland Running Part Deux 6:55 AM
Oregon Community Credit Union 6:55 AM
Running Wild 6:55 AM
Dudes and 2 Boobs 6:55 AM
Toughest Snails 7:20 AM
Llama_ Llama runs like your mama 7:20 AM
The Eclectic Educators of North Bend 7:20 AM
Awesomesauce Wild Scenic Miletastic Runegades 7:20 AM
Team Sucio 7:20 AM
Emerald Running Club 7:20 AM
We Hope We Finish…………Again 7:20 AM
Texas Starfish 7:40 AM
Eastwind Runners 7:40 AM
Ultrachicks…We like it long 7:40 AM
Basket of Incorrigibles 7:40 AM
How the West was Run 7:40 AM
Feels Like The First Time 8:00 AM
Toenails are for sissies 8:00 AM
Chetcos Ale-ing Runners 8:00 AM
Heck Yeah 8:00 AM
Rogue Endurance Warriors 8:00 AM
Why Am I doing this 8:00 AM
Boogie Wondervan 8:00 AM
Northwest Billy Goats 8:00 AM
Ash Kickers 8:30 AM
Cool Ranch Runnings! 8:30 AM
Running Our Hasselhoff 8:30 AM
Runners Gone Wild_River Gone Rogue 8:30 AM
Olympic Rejects 9:00 AM
UncenSORED 9:00 AM
Rock Solid 9:00 AM
Salty Dogs 9:00 AM
Ultraviolet Legs 9:00 AM
Tom’s Benevolent Dictatorship 10:00 AM
Running On Empty 10:00 AM
Team Why Racing 10:00 AM
Team Mediocre 10:00 AM
Ultra Mus-dache 10:00 AM
Pounding Assfault 11:00 AM
Squeal Like a Pig 11:00 AM
Run For Your Life 11:00 AM
The following teams have not given us sufficient information for assigning start times:
Common Block Rogue Runners
Meat Goats

Please email as soon as possible to help us determine the best start time for you