Thursday night:

Before the race begins, you can find standard hotel and motel lodging in Medford. Jacksonville boasts some great bed & breakfasts and quaint historical inns. Southern Oregon Visitor’s Association has a great guide to your local options.

We will offer camping for a nominal fee at the start line at Hart-Tish. There are flush toilets available here. There is plenty of camping available in the 6 campgrounds around Applegate Lake and Jackson Campground (XC 1) too.

Friday night (during the race):

Along the relay route, there aren’t any hotels that work easily. Campgrounds and areas listed below are certainly your best option!

  • Van 2: Glendale School, where people can rest (van 1) while waiting for their runner to make it close to XC #18. Glendale School will have concessions open for runners. Showers will also be available. We will operate a ham radio communication system to inform teams when to depart to meet their runner at XC #18. We ask that teams do not try to camp at XC 18 as it is a tight exchange.
  • Van 1: Campgrounds called Eden Valley, Island, Rock Creek and the XC at #24 will be a quiet area for sleeping. There is a large quarry area at #24 you will be able to park at. There are a few rooms available at Cougar Lane Lodge, which is located on Leg #26. This could be an option for either van. There is cell service at Cougar Lane Lodge, but you will not be able to reach your Van #2 on their way to #24. Good estimates with the pace prediction sheet are essential for timing your exchange right if you choose to stay here.
  • Van 1: This van could opt to get a hotel room in Gold Beach while waiting for Van #2. XC #30 is at the north end of town by the jetty. You can also find space to stretch out at XC #30. We do recommend that you bring a tarp if you plan to stretch out on the grass here. You’ll have cell service from Van #2 for enough time to let you know that they are on the way in.

Saturday night:

After the race, take advantage of being on the Oregon coast – stay a night in Brookings or Gold Beach.

We will have free camping available for teams at the finish line in Azalea Park.

Information for lodging in Brookings. The Riverside RV Resort has hot showers and is in walking distance of the finish. Harris Beach State Park is a short drive away and offers camping along the beach.

Check out more lodging options in Gold Beach.